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I protected what belongs to me.

I protected what belongs to me.

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Ted doesn’t exist. Robin doesn’t exist. The mother doesn’t exist. HIMYM never happened. We’ve all been perfectly happy during the last nine years.

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Robin Scherbatsky over the years 

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HIMYM AU: Inspired by a submission at betterhimymendings

"Ted has Alzheimer’s and that’s why he showed up to Robin’s house with the blue French horn, he thought it was the year 2005. Robin calls Tracy to come pick him up, Ted does this every couple of nights." (By Anonymous)

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(originally from mysweetcupoftea)
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Remembering Nealfire Week:

day 3 - favorite quote: 2x21 “Second Star To The Right”

"I wanted to look for you. I just…I was too afraid." - "Of what?" - "That you would never forgive me. Because I never forgave myself."

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Remembering Nealfire Week: Day 3 → Favorite Quotes: 1 Quote Per Episode (1/3)

"Everything that happens, happens by design, and there’s nothing we can do about it; forces greater than us conspire to make it happen. Fate, destiny, whatever you wanna call it."

Remembering Nealfire week ★ Day 3 - favorite quotes

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