"seek out the supreme wisdom of the junkie philosopher."

(originally from lorna-nicky)
Orange is the New BlackNicky Nicholstv

SH 2.04 | Abbie and Ichabod 

(originally from our-destinies-entwined)
Sleepy HollowAbbie MillsIchabod Cranebabestv

     what does an apprentice do? many, many things.
             first, you can start by sweeping the floor.

01x01: Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.

(originally from dailyouat)
Once Upon a Timetv

Charming Family: A summary.

Jennifer Morrison + glasses

(originally from emptydrops)
Jennifer Morrisona

Fill in this blank: I’m a badass because… (x)
(originally from chrisprattings)
Chris Pratttrua

(originally from b99things)
Once Upon a TimeJake Peraltailytv

(originally from klexquisite)
Whose LineColin Mochrie[anguish]tva


(originally from locksleymills)
Once Upon a TimeEmma SwanRegina Millsswan queentv

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Everything is queued.

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